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Is there more steam left in the market?

December 18, 2020

Analysing whether NIFTY is overvalued/undervalued using P/E ratio. We use NSEpy to download NIFTY P/E values from NSE’s website and analyse historical trends of P/E and annual returns.

Celebrity recognition using AWS Rekognition

June 30, 2020
Random, AWS, Computer Vision

OTT platforms all over the world are adding heaps of content. There is also a lot of old TV and cinema content getting digitized. Because these videos are not tagged properly with meta data of artists, it’s really difficult for viwers to discover content. That is a problem for OTT players as well because they are hosting content which is hardly getting watched. In this post I’ll attempt to use AWS Rekognition to identify artists in the video by timestamps. ...

Simple example of how to use NSEpy with backtrader

June 28, 2020
backtrader, backtesting

Simple example of how to use NSEpy with backtrader # This is a simple example to show how you can use P/E ratio to make investment decision. Our investment of choice is NIFTY index for simplicity (Though you cannot invest directly in the NIFTY, you can invest in any one of 11 Exchange traded funds which are based on NIFTY) Lets get into tools and strategies now. To downloading index historical data we are going to use NSEpy. ...

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